Senior 3d Artist for VFX and Games


Jeff Johnson

I am enthusiastic to embrace creative problem-solving which bridges the art side & the technical side. I believe it's the visuals we create, the stories we tell, the worlds we build, which are the most important goals to present to audiences and players.

I have more than a decade of experience applying my talents in disciplines ranging from compositing, lighting & lookdev, to FX animation & Crowd simulation, with some of the top VFX houses, feature animation studios, and game developers around the world. 

As the realms of filmmaking merge with games and realtime deployment, it is great ideas and a strong artistic vision - supported but not subverted by the bleeding edge of technology - which will drive us to achieve the best products and experiences possible.

Work Experience

* Splash Damage // Bromley, London, UK // Lead VFX Artist - "Gears Tactics" // real-time, video games

Skills & Titles

* Lead VFX Artist in game development * Senior Realtime Lighting Artist * Lead Lighter in film and animation * Lead Crowds Artist in film and commercials