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Iman Javaherypour

With 20 years of experience in advertising industry, iMan has been involved in variety of shows and campaigns in South East Asia and mainland China.

iMan started his career as an editor and compositor at TV stations in Tehran late 90s. He continued his works to supervising visual effects of TV series up until 2008. To further advance his career, iMan decided to move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, one of the major hubs in advertising industry in South East Asia. He began working as an Online Artist on Flame and later was promoted as team leader for plenty of commercials and short movies. Major directors in the region requested to collaborate with Iman on many projects. In 2012, he relocated to Hong Kong as a Flame artist and VFX compositor running jobs for big international campaigns, like Lux, VW, Toyota, KFC, Rejoice and etc.

In 2015 iMan joined MPC Shanghai as Senior VFX artist and then as VFX supervisor working and supervising on well-known commercials and campaigns like Huawei, Pantene, Coca-Cola, Nike, L’Oreal, Mercedes and etc. iMan also got a chance to direct a 5K commercial for Huawei's new speaker product while serving as the VFX Supervisor at Vision Holdings.

Alongside coding and programming background as well as many years progressively complex related experience, in 2019 he joined Digital Domain Shanghai.

Skills & Titles

VFX Supervisor | Senior Compositor