Comp Training Lead

Ian Murphy

Ian has a strong interest in the craft of VFX compositing and the skills in the forensic faking of photography, that a VFX compositor needs. He has delivered research, training and consultancy for the industry body Creative Skillset in the UK, co–authoring ‘The Core Skills of VFX’, an ideal curriculum for university lecturers.

He has over 18 years’ experience of delivering high quality VFX for feature films and in the design, implementation and facilitation of industry led training courses. He has worked as a lead compositor for companies including Cinesite, Rushes, Nvizible and Image Ireland and delivered courses for the National Film and Television School, Escape Studios in the UK and Atomic Fiction in the US.

Ian’s experience of operating at the highest levels in VFX and as an academic and in-house trainer has given him a unique perspective of sector requirements and how people learn, enabling him to deliver customised training for established professionals, new entrants and post-graduate film school students as well as acting as an industry skills consultant.

Ian is expert in Nuke and is an accredited Foundry trainer.