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Hasraf Dulull

HaZ is a writer / director / producer who started out as a Visual Effects artist on feature films such as The Dark Knight and Prince of Persia, before moving into a VFX Supervisor role where he was nominated for several VES awards for shows such as Planet Dinosaur (BBC) and America The Story of US (Discovery). His mix of creativity and smart production approach lead him to him becoming a VFX Producer on shows such as Poldark Season 1 and The Aliens on Channel 4. In between VFX he would create short films, one of them - Project Kronos went viral in 2013 landing him a manager in Hollywood and his first feature film development deal with Benderspink as well as development assignments with Paramount 20th Century Fox. Since then has completed two other short films - IRIS an SYNC both tapping into his love for grounded science fiction and serving as proof of concepts for feature films he has developed. HaZ is currently in post production on his debut feature film - Origin Unknown starring Katee Sachoff :  His debut feature film - THE BEYOND is released in the US on Jan 9th 2018 by Gravitas Ventures and is  loosely based on his short film Project kronos.   HaZ  was also tapped to helm the futuristic version of Robin Hood with the hollywood producer Gianni Nunuro behind films such as 300: