CG Supervisor / HOD CG
MARZ vfx Toronto

Gregory Peczinka

Gregory Peczinka, CG Supervisor / Senior vfx TD for 17 years
My interest in vfx is total, to the point where Serie TV / Film does not make any difference for me considering my passion for the image.
Seriousness / efficiency / effectiveness in all conditions.
I am fair and attentive to all, focused on giving the best of myself to make life easier for all the team ensuring that the hit of deadline does it in the most flexible conditions but always ready for the hour and the day of delivery.
My professional achievement can only pass by the success of my team and thus the personal realization of each individuals of the team. In this sense, I develop a lot of effort to understand individually each element of the team in order to choose the right words to convey the same idea.
I always keep the focus on the strength of a company that for me goes through the personal fulfillment of its employees.
In 2021 the true strength of a studio is its human potential and its fulfillment, I personally believe in these values.
A film is a great human and social adventure that builds strong bonds and I try to keep that state of mind that I was taught.

My Profile is : HOD CG / CG Supervisor with an extended background as FX Supervisor and CFX Supervisor

Skills : Supervision-Team-Dpt/Dailise/Floor-Rounds/Client-Call/Bidding/Bluid-Package/Layout-Seq/CFX/FX/Asse t-LookDev/Lighting/Render/BuildComp. ---- all Assets or Sequence Based depending project s need.

Expert Package : Maya/Houdini/Realflow/Renderman/Mantra/Arnold/Redshift/Vray/Krakatoa...

Imdb : ​
Grégory Peczinka – Canadian RP
CA cellphone : (001) 438-777-9742

Role with the VES
Montreal VES Board Member