Cinematographer / Tech. Director

Christopher Webb

Christopher Webb is a cinematographer and technical director offering specialized resources and expertise. Chris and partner Graceann Dorse built FX WRX studio to serve clients who are passionate about in-camera effects and the exploration of the moving image. By bringing a wealth of knowledge, artistry, and inventiveness to each project, they aim to build creative partnerships that yield great work.

A background in visual arts and engineering informs Chris's creative process. He has worked as a special effects artist, stop motion animator, sculptor, animatronic puppet builder, and mechanical engineer. Highlights include practical effects for THE LION KING and THE PRODUCERS on Broadway, specialty art department for Annie Leibovitz Studio, and mechanical design for LEGO. All of this has helped to build the creative and technical skill set Chris shares with his collaborators.

Chris's expertise includes in-camera optical and liquid FX, motion control, super slow motion, tabletop product work, macro cinematography, live action moving portrait, stop motion animation and mechanical engineering. His work ranges in scale and includes location and studio production.

Role with the VES
Christopher Webb is a member of the VES New York section.