Story Artist - Director
Lex & Otis Animation


Christian Gossett

I am currently at Lex & Otis Animation working with Zack Snyder on an upcoming as yet unannounced Netflix original series as a Story Artist.

Before the pandemic, I directed my first two episodes of network television for the CW on their scifi show, PANDORA.

Before my transition to directing, I did a  great deal of concept design. In my early 20's I was hired by Lucasfilm as one of the first artists to retro-design the Star Wars galaxy and visually define its early history starting from 4000 BLS (Before Luke Skywalker) to the rise of the Empire.

Several of my designs remain active in Star Wars canon.

I am very proud to have done several tours of duty with Sir Richard Taylor's WETA workshop New Zealand. I was in the design room on KONG and on set with wardrobe and art department. I also had the privilege of hiring WETA to digitally paint a graphic novel of mine which is currently in development as a series with a spec pilot written by Ashley E. Miller (THOR, XMEN FIRST CLASS).

Other credits include Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Activision's Call of Duty franchise.

It was after my work in New Zealand that it was recommended I attempt directing. My first short was been honored by the ICG (Local 600) with an Emerging Cinematographers Award for my friend and DP James Takata.


Skills & Titles

Director - Story Artist - Writer - Concept Designer


Geekie Award 2015