VFX Director


Bryan Godwin

 All around team builder and supervisor. I built Charlex's 3d animation department from the ground up, which exploded from 4 employees to over 30 in just a few years.
My next responsibility was to spin off a 3d Pre-Viz division from Charlex Called Launch. Utilizing hardware assited rendering and a fast pipline based on gaming techniques we built a system to interact with clients and develop characters and scenarios in real time.

My last project at Charlex was the animated short film "One Rat Short". As producer and art director, I worked hand in hand with the director to help craft the look and feel of the film as well supervise and organize the entire process.

After Charlex, I went on to EA Chicago to work as a Senior Art Director, leading their new IP concept efforts. I developed and directed new concepts for AAA games on next gen platforms, as well as worked with the general manager to pitch concepts to marketing.

I then moved on to the position of CG Supervisor at Cafe FX in Santa Monica, helping to build a core feature film fx team in their expanded southern California office. I supervised several feature film effects sequences for shows such as: Speed Racer, The Mummy 3 and Seven Pounds.

As Visual FX Supervisor for Motion Theory, I supervised and directed innovative effects driven pieces for television advertising. Projects ranging from live action and fx to directing fully animated spots.

The last ten years have all led up and trained me for my latest challenge; opening my own facility "shade". Shade will be a home for top level specialists and cg artists that embrace efficiency, organization and expert visuals.