Vice President of Production/CTO
Red Rover Korea

Brad Falk

Starting back in 1998 at Silicon Graphics, Brad Falk started in the entertainment business via virtual reality and IT Engineering. After searching his inner-self, he discovered that feature work was his love and he decided to work at Industrial Light and Magic for a few years on films such as Perfect Storm, Men In Black 2, Van Helsing, Star Wars, Master and Commander, etc. in positions ranging from Technical Director to Systems Engineer to Look Development. After completing these productions, Brad took a long deserved holiday and continued to expand his knowledge of people and film culture.  He then found himself in Thailand and worked at Fame Post on a historic film named King Naresuan. Back to the US he headed to Disney where he helped design and design and build a CG pipeline for Disney Circle 7 and then onto Disney Feature Animation for Meet the Robinsons. Moving on from Disney, yet another round of travel, and Brad found himself in Australia at Rising Sun Pictures to work on Charlotte’s Web as lighting lead and pipeline designer. England soon followed where he was look development and lighting supervisor at Framestore CFC on the Academy Award winning film, The Golden Compass. The US was calling him to return home and it was there that Brad worked at Image Movers Digital on A Christmas Carol, Mars Needs Moms and a never to be seen piece for Yellow Submarine. Mr Falk then took off a year to develop his company Lollipop Shaders.  Brad and his partners, while sitting on the beach in Hawaii, developed production shaders. But even the beautiful beaches of Hawaii couldn’t keep Brad away from mainland.  He headed to New Mexico to work at Sony Imageworks on the films Men In Black 3 and The Amazing Spiderman, then ventured to Thailand to supervise and build yet another pipeline for Lego TV Series. Now, Brad has joined Toonbox and has worked on the wonderful film as CG supervisor, The Nut Job, that was released in North America in early 2014. Now as VP of production and Head of Technology Brad helps run the inter workings of the company from technology to production management.