Senior CG Generalist/Compositing
Zoic Studios

Benjamin Dupin

Benjamin Dupin was born 1989 in  Charenton Le Pont, France. At a young age, Benjamin spent numerous time watching TV and film, but didn’t know he would grow up to help make them.  After back surgery forced 16 year - old Benjamin  into bed rest, he  started to develop an interest for visual effects. This interest became passion after watching hours  of the "making of" and "breakdown"  videos from the Star Wars Episodes One through Three. He realized the key role visual effects artists have in creating the cinematic world the audience sees on screen .Following his high school degree, Benjamin studied communication and networks for 2 years at the University of Saint Raphael. There, he took his first steps towards his career with an apprenticeship learning  3D software.

In order to achieve his dreams to become a professional Visual effects artist, Benjamin  moved to Paris, where he was  awarded a full time apprentice scholarship to Isart Digital - a school which specializes in visual effects and 3D animation. During his expedited 3 years, dual program, his artistry and skills were soon recognized. Benjamin’s hard  work awarded him an apprenticeship in one of France’s most popular cartoon companies, Zag Entertainment. During his intense apprenticeship, Benjamin also completed the short film “Meme pas en reve !“ which won the Special Jury prize from his alma mater. Graduating the dual program a year early, Benjamin earned his degree in both visual effects and 3d animation -completing his total studies in less than 6 years. Immediately after his graduation, Benjamin was hired by Mikros, one of the most acclaimed visual effects companies in France.

At Mikros, Benjamin worked one year in the conformation department for the acclaimed animated movie “Asterix and the Mansions of the God”. In that critical role, he  ensured every detail of the animation came together seamlessly. From Mikros, Benjamin moved to CGEV where he worked under the lead of Emilien Breuiller, best known for his accomplishment as a tracking matchmover Artist on more than 70 feature films. After successfully working on the feature, “The Scent of Mandarin” - directed by acclaimed French  director, Gilles Legrand - Benjamin  was noticed and  contacted by Eight VFX  - a visual effects company based in Santa Monica. Benjamin saw the opportunity to expand his already growing career in Los Angeles. He yearned to  achieve the highest level of success in a discipline and city with copious competition. Benjamin worked for  Eight VFX on major commercial and feature film projects including,  CES Toyota Concept car, the “Ad of the week” : Gatorade "Never lose the love" commercial, and the multi-awarded Drama I,Tonya.

After practically 3 years spend in Eight VFX Benjamin signed his 3 years contract with the prestigious agency D.A.A. His first mission was to work to the internationally known and award-winning visual effects, animation and design company Blur Studio on Love Death & Robots first season as Crowd Technical Director. After a successful wrapped up of the project  Benjamin moved to Ntropic for a short mission on an Apple commercial regarding the launch of their new Ipad where he was in charge of Tracking and animation.

A new opportunity to come back to his animation root presented to him via the well known studio behind the acclaimed Ice Age sequel, Blue Sky Studios based in Greenwich Connecticut. They approached Benjamin for  their last animated movie Spies in Disguise to work as Crowd Technical Director after looking at his work on Love Death & Robots. He joined the Crowd department where he was in charge of crowd shots, find solutions to complex simulation as well as the creation of set of tools to help the whole teams to achieve the goal of more than 1000 shots. This new challenge done with success, Benjamin was offered a place on another department as Digital Compositor, to help wrapped up the movie.

Benjamin moved permanently in the New York area and has now joined the Zoic studios as Senior CG Generalist and Digital compositor. He has already worked on some acclaimed TV production show such as Hunters or more recently the new season of NOS4A2 airing for this summer on AMC.

Work Experience

ZOIC STUDIOS 2019 - Present NOS4A2 - Tv Series Senior CG Generalist/Crowd Technical Director. Crowd shot work in Houdini responsible for the R&D. Hunters - Tv Series Senior CG Generalist/Digital Compositor. Lighting and digital compositing for shots. BLUE SKY STUDIOS 2018 - 2019 Spies In Disguise - Animated Feature Film Crowd Technical Director. Crowd shot work and tool writing (python) for the team in Houdini. Spies In Disguise - Animated Feature Film Digital Compositor. Digital Compositing/Finishing. NTROPIC 2018 Apple Ipad Pro - Tv Commercial CG Generalist/Tracking. Responsible for Tracking, Layout and animation. BLUR STUDIO 2017 - 2018 Love Death & Robots - Netflix Anthology project CG Crowd Lead. 54 Crowd shots done and responsible for all the R&D. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - Video Game Cinematic CG Crowd Lead. Crowd shots. EIGHT VFX 2015 - 2017 I, Tonya - Feature Film CG Crowd Lead and Tracking/matchmoving. On Set for Photogrammetry, HDR, and Tracking Data. Mr Muscle - Tv Commercial CG Fur/hair and Modeling for Character Asset. CG Lead Tracking/matchmoving. CES Toyota Concept-i - Feature Commercial CG Modeling Car Asset and CG Lead Tracking/matchmoving. Nissan "Stampede" - Tv Commercial CG Modeling Car Asset and CG Lead Tracking/matchmoving. Toyota 2017 Campaign - Tv Commercial CG Lead Crowd and Tracking/matchmoving. On Set for Photogrammetry, HDR, and Tracking Data. Samsung "JO Paralympics 2016" - Tv Commercial CG Lead Lighting/rendering Various Shots. Tracking and Matchmoving for the Director's Version. Let Go "Discoball" - Tv Commercial CG Generalist for Layout, Shading, and Lighting for Background CG Car Lux "Libra" - Tv Commercial CG Generalist Layout, Shading, and Lighting for the Bottle Product. Gatorade "Never Lose the Love"- Tv Commercial CG Lead Crowd and Tracking/matchmoving. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration "Emoji"- Tv Commercial CG Lead Tracking/matchmoving. Nike China "the Epic Step"- Tv Commercial CG Lead Tracking/matchmoving. Cox Cable "Gigablast" - Tv Commercial CG Lead Tracking/matchmoving. Beyonce Feat Jack Black "Hurt Me" - Music Video CG Generalist Sculpting and Modeling Creature. CG Lead Tracking/matchmoving. Twix "All Nighter" - Tv Commercial CG Generalist Rig Fix. CG Lead Tracking/matchmoving. On Set for Photogrammetry, HDR, and Tracking Data. Lux "Leiceister" - Tv Commercial CG Generalist Layout, Shading, and Lighting for Bottle Product. Kia "Optima Blake Griffin" - Tv Commercial CG Lead Tracking/matchmoving. CGEV 2014 - 2015 Casanova "Pilot" - Tv Show CG Tracking/Matchmoving. The Scent Of The Mandarin - Feature Film CG Tracking/Matchmoving. Entre Amis - Feature Film CG Tracking/Matchmoving. MIKROS 2013 - 2014 Asterix The Mansion Of The Gods - Animated Feature Film CG Generalist Scene Building And Fix Department. (Katana/Maya) ZAG INC 2012 - 2013 Sammy 8 Co - Animated Tv Show Cg Generalist Modeling, Layout, Fix Scene. Short Movie as a student : "Même Pas En Rêve !" - Short Film "Piège à Con" - Short Film

Film Credits

NOS4A2 season 2 - TV Series - 10 Episodes (2020) Hunters - TV Series - 1 Episode (2020) - The Great Ole Nazi Cookout of '77 Spies in Disguise - Animated Feature Film - (2019) Love, Death & Robots - TV Series short - 2 Episodes (2019) - Suits - Sonnie's Edge Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - Video Game Cinematic - (2019) Stranger Things - TV Series - 2 episodes (2017) - Chapter Nine: The Gate - Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer The Orville - TV Series - 2 episodes (2017) - Krill - If the Stars Should Appear Melanie Martinez: Mad Hatter - Musical Clip - (2017) I, Tonya - Feature Film - (2017) The Scent of Mandarin - Feature Film - (2015) Casanova - TV Series - 1 Episode (2015) - Pilot Entre amis - Feature Film - (2015) Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods - Animated Feature Film - (2014)