Senior Compositor

Barry Safley

Career Objective:
To continue my career with a major visual effects company using state-of-the-art technology and innovation to produce high-end quality effects for film and/or television, eventually utilizing my dynamic and versatile skill-set into a leadership role, supervisor or lead position.

Professional Experience:          

Senior digital artist with over 25 years of experience working at leading visual effects houses   

Accomplished artist with extensive knowledge of industry compositing packages with emphasis on all versions of Nuke

Consistently delivered quality work under challenging deadlines

Proven ability to learn commercial and/or proprietary software at all companies

Credits include a diverse range of projects on award-winning/nominated films



·         Leadership
·         Keen eye for innovative projects
·         Self-motivated
·         Adaptable, quick learner
·         Innovative
·         Interacts and relates well with people
·         Detail oriented
·         Works well under pressure

·         Strong graphic and visual sense
·         Collaborative team player
·         Strong communication skills
·         Deadline-driven
·         Skilled multi-tasker
·         Visionary
·         Organized
·         Resourceful


Technical Skills:
·         SGI software
·         MS Office
·         Windows, iOS, and Linux operating systems
·         Adobe After Effects and Photoshop
·         Apple media-editing software: iMovie and iDVD
·         Nuke compositing software for film and television
Experience, Key Contributions, and Performance Milestones:

Film and Television
Worked for over 25 years as a digital artist with leading visual effects studios on blockbuster films and television shows, with responsibilities including:  compositing multiple shots in production simultaneously, seamless integration of computer-generated elements with plate photography, 2D effects animation and plate reconstruction, blue/green extractions. Helped open a major visual effects company in Florida, which included interviewing, hiring, and training artists for the facility.
           Iloura/Method Studios                                                                                      Sydney, AUS

        Industrial Light and Magic                                                                               San Francisco, CA
·         Senior digital compositor/Visual effects artist
           Factory VFX                                                                                                              Santa Rosa, CA
·         Senior digital compositor/Visual effects artist
           Zoic Studios                                                                                                               Vancouver, BC
·         Senior digital compositor/Visual effects artist
           WETA Digital                                                                                           Wellington, New Zealand
·         Senior digital compositor/Stereoscopic compositor
    Digital Domain Media Group                                                                           Port Saint Lucie, FL
·         Senior training specialist/Senior digital compositor
           Orphanage                                                                                                            San Francisco, CA
·         Senior compositor
           Fox Animation Studios                                                                                                  Phoenix, AZ
·         Pre-visuals/Digital compositor
           Vision Art Design and Animation                                                                       Santa Monica, CA
·         Technical lighting supervisor/Animator/Compositor


School of Communication Arts, 1993                                                                                    Raleigh, NC
·        Certificate, computer art and animation
·        Graduated top of class
          Sacramento State University, 1984-1989                                                                         Sacramento, CA
·        Studied business administration, finance

Organizations and Events:
·        Current Visual Effects Society Member
·        Volunteer judge VES awards since 2006
·        Nominated VES award: Outstanding Effects in a Special Venue Project 2011




Role with the VES
Looking for work as of October 2018 for Senior Compositing positions or with a company who specializes in Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality.Past experience included volunteering to be the spearhead of an effort to organize and develop the Florida Section of the Visual Effects Society.  I was volunteering my time to make this happen but unfortunately I relocated back to the bay area to finish up projects at ILM SF (Pacific Rim, Captain America, Transformers 4 and finally Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Normal 0 0 1 32 188 1 1 230 11.1539 0 0 0