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National Care Hotline – 1800-202-6868(8am-12am daily)
Calls after midnight will be greeted by an Interactive Voice Recording, which will guide callers to contact other available 24-hour crisis hotlines, including those supported by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).

IMH Emergency Hotline – 6389 2003 / 6389 2004 (24 Hour Hotline)
Urgent intervention for those who experience acute difficulties in their mental health

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) – 1800-221 4444 (24 Hour Hotline)
Provides emotional support and befriending to those who are despairing, discouraged or distressed.

Silver Ribbon Singapore– 6385-3714
Complimentary counselling by trained staff so that clients feel comfortable to share personal struggles and learn more about mental health issues.  Staff will then recommend appropriate treatment if necessary.

Website providing resources covering a range of services relating to mental health.


Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre – 6445-0400
Helping families with Child Protection concerns and for families to improve their functioning and resilience.

HEART @ Fei Yue Child Protection Specialist Centre – 6819-9170
Community social work agency that provides quality home-based services and support to families and children who face abuse or severe neglect at home.

PAVE Integrated Services for Individual and Family Protection – 65 6555 0390
PAVE is an integrated service for family violence and child protection. PAVE provides services for persons who abuse, survivors and vulnerable family members such as children and the elderly in dealing with violence.

Care Corner (Project StART) – 6476-1482
Providing integrated services for family abuse victims and promoting healthy relationships in the community.

  • Monday & Tuesday: 10am to 9pm
  • (By appointment: 5pm to 9pm)
  • Wednesday to Friday: 10am to 5pm

TRANS SAFE Centre – 6449-9088
A Family Violence Specialist Centre promoting safe relationship in families by providing help to victims of abuse, persons who abuse and their families who are affected by the abuse.


Community Psychology Hub’s Online Counselling platform
In collaboration with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), the Community Psychology Hub (CPH) has developed a pilot online counselling service for individuals facing marital, divorce and parenting difficulties.  Live chat or email.

TOUCHline (Counselling)
Provides healthcare experts, coaches, counsellors, educators and social workers to help individuals and families through various services.

  • Youth Counselling – TOUCHLine at 1800-3772252, Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm.
  • Counselling on marital issues/parenting, emotional and mental distress or interpersonal relationships – counselling@touch.org.sg or register online.
  • Care Line on caring for seniors at home – 6804 6555, Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.
  • Existing HOPE clients – call 9753 1496 for assistance.
  • For people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, WhatsApp or Message TOUCH Silent Club at 9769 4403 for any urgent matters
  • For families in need of financial assistance, you may approach the nearest Social Service Office. For other enquiries, please contact us at 9653 1076.

MSFCares Hotline – 1800-111-2222
This hotline brings together MSF’s 16 existing hotlines and removes the need for citizens to navigate multiple hotlines to get information or help. You can reach specific divisions by saying keywords such as “Childcare Subsidies” for Early Childhood Development Agency, “Lasting Power of Attorney” or simply “LPA” for Office of Public Guardian, or “marriage” for Registry of Marriages.