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9.13.2000 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm PDT

2000 VES General Members Meeting (Fall)

Pyromania: A Look at Blowing Things Up in the Movies

It seems that many of our finest Visual Effects practitioners have one thing in common… the desire to build models and blow them up! With the help of historical film clips, explanations of effects past, present and future, an exploration into how explosives augment a story, and followed by a discussion with our finest effects practitioners, moderator Mike Fink and five explosive panelists might just cause you to do the same.

Moderator: Mike Fink, Visual Effects Supervisor

PanelistsIan Hunter, Visual Effects Art Director, Model Maker and Co-founder of Hunter/Gratzner Model Makers, Ian O’Connor, Pyrotechnics master, O’Connor FX, Sherry O’Connor, Pyrotechnics expert, and Principal at O’Connor FX, and Hoyt Yeatman, Visual Effects Supervisor

Huge thanks go out to all of our panelists, and to Toni Pace for the Herculean task of producing this incredible panel (and making sure our two visual effects supervisors were actually in the same city at the same time).


Welcome and Comments: Jim Morris – Chair

Jim Morris Introduces Toni Pace-Carstensen

Pyro Presentation

Tom Atkin-Executive Director

  • Legal, Financial and Accounting (Marty Shindler)
  • VES 2000 – general report and sponsors
  • ShowBiz Expo 2000 – general report, schedule and sponsors
  • VES Upcoming events – San Luis Obispo Film Festival saluting visual effects, VES Christmas party, Overseas chapters
  • Call for volunteers for the above

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