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2nd Vice Chair
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Visual Effects Producer

Nancy St. John is a freelance VFX Producer and VFX Consultant.  She has worked on all types of VFX movies involving a variety of techniques including standard VFX techniques, stop motion animation and computer animation. Currently she is working on a tent pole project that will release in summer of 2016.

She served as a production side VFX producer for Academy Award winners Babe and Gladiator and the Academy Award nominee I-Robot.  Her filmography also includes such movies as James & the Giant Peach, Evolution, Life Aquatic, Charlotte’s Web, The Spirit, The Immortals, Limitless, Season of the Witch, Men in Black 3, Total Recall, Resident Evil and Ender’s Game.

She has also been a visual effects consultant to many Studios including Disney, DreamWorks, Fox, HBO, Paramount, Walden Media, Warner Bros., Relativity Media, Oddlot Entertainment and Lionsgate.

Her VFX career has also taken her inside many groundbreaking VFX and Computer Graphics facilities where she has managed, produced, executive produced and consulted.  The list includes the pioneering Robert Abel & Associates, Digital Productions, Pacific Data Images (PDI), Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Rhythm & Hues, MillFilm London and Prime Focus Vancouver.

St. John is currently Vice Chair of the VES Society after serving as 2nd vice chair last year.  This is her third term on the VES Board of Directors. She is also a Member of the PGA.

When not working on big VFX movies you can find her involved in her other two passions – enjoying great wine and walking her best friend Cooper the Dog on the beach. 

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