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VFX Producer/ Executive Producer

Kim Lavery- VFX Producer/ Executive Producer

Kim’s experience is with both Production & Post Production sides of film making and visual effects producing for a total of over two decades; to include being a news videographer and then a Today Show News Anchor with an NBC affiliate, earlier in her career. She then worked for Universal Studios, in Studio Operations on film production, and shifted to visual effects in 1994/1995.

Since then, she has been instrumental in building out specialized visual effects boutique studios, as well as, VFX Producing in the Global Market Place with New Zealand. Her ongoing missions are with mixing Traditional Art & Technology, and combining her passion with Aviation. Her current involvements are with Aerial Cinematography.

She has served on the VES Awards, as a Co-Chair, since its inception in 2002, and has been a VES Board Member and Executive Board Member on and off, from 2004 to present.

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