This award is to honor the overall achievement of the pre-rendered visual effects within a Video Game Trailer. Game Trailers are defined as unique visual material created for the purpose of promoting an upcoming game release. To be eligible, the material in the Game Trailer must be pre-rendered and created for a promotional event, conference, in-store display or web distribution. The submission for this category must consist entirely of material from the Game Trailer as it was originally released.
Multiple entries from the same game title will only be allowed if the entries are from different Game Trailers and the submitting teams are entirely different, including the overall VFX Supervisor and overall VFX Producer.

The following are not eligible for this category: • Game Trailers that share any pre-rendered material with a video game currently
released in stores or that contain re-purposed shots from previous trailers;

• Game Trailers that contain real-time material from the game itself that totals more than 25% of the total running time of the Submission Length, not including Before & Afters; and
• Animated commercials that originate as Broadcast material.