This award is to honor the technical and artistic achievement of the animation and visual effects in a non-demonstration project rendered largely with a real-time engine. Only content that has been rendered in real time at a minimum of 24fps will be considered, and if requested the Submitter must be able to demonstrate the real-time rendering to the Committee; however, animation within the project may be captured, keyframed, interactive, or any combination thereof. Real-time visual effects and animation are defined as including, but not limited to, characters, effects, animation, environments, and lighting as long as they meet the criteria stated in the Glossary of these Rules & Procedures. All projects should reference the systems in the Before & Afters that generated the real-time renders shown in the Work To Be Considered.

Pre-rendered “cinematics” or other elements that are rendered outside a game engine are not eligible for this category, nor are real-time projects created for education or demonstration purposes. Stage productions should show the audience’s POV of the projectin the Before & Afters.

Regardless of source, all submissions for the VES Awards must be in the appropriate specifications laid out below. No special facilities will be made available to nomination judges and members for interactivity, VR, 3D, or other setups.