This award is to honor the overall achievement of the invisible, or near-invisible visual effects within a single episode of a photoreal (i.e., live action) episodic series, mini-series, movie or special where the visual effects, when taken as a whole, are not necessarily essential to the story. Supporting visual effects are generally used to help create the setting, environment, or mood of the series and may include extensive recreations of realistic historical settings. They may include set or lighting changes, CG or practical vehicles, real-world alterations to actors, and limited surrealistic or expressionistic effects. Action sequences and destruction are allowed only if they are real-world and not critical to the story. Supporting visual effects do not consist of any non-human CG characters, science fiction or fantasy elements, extensive stunts and Special Effects, or other highly visible effects that one would expect to see in a visual-effects-driven series. Supporting visual effects are generally the type of work that, when viewed by the general public, are not recognized by the untrained eye.

Effects-driven series may not enter their “invisible” effects in this category.