This award is to honor the overall achievement of real-time game engine-rendered visual effects within a video game for any game console, PC, or “next generation” platform. Submitted material may be any one, or combination of, the following:

• Recorded real-time Game Play; and/or
• A real-time game engine-rendered Cinematic that appears as part of the game.

Real-time is defined as predominantly 30 or greater frames per second NTSC and ATSC (US) HD video, or predominantly 25 or greater frames per second PAL and DVB (International) HD depending upon country of origination. Any imagery or action that does not meet this criterion is ineligible even if it was rendered in the game engine or in software. Any longer-than-real-time frames that are rendered in the game engine, later resized and/or reloaded, then played back in real-time from pre-rendered frames are ineligible as well.

Trailers or promos for games are not eligible in this category.