This award honors an outstanding single model in a live-action broadcast program or commercial. The model may have been created virtually, physically, or any combination thereof, and may be of any scale. The model’s artistry and overall quality are to be considered; however, scenic lighting and compositing should be disregarded. An entry may include multiples of the same model with minor variations, such as scale and features, but they must have been created by the same team. However, character models are specifically excluded from this category, but are eligible in category 12 – Outstanding Animated Character in a Broadcast Program or Commercial. Further, the same model may not be entered in both Category 15 – Outstanding Created Environment in a Broadcast Program or Commercial and Category 20 – Outstanding Models in a Broadcast Program or Commercial.

Model supervisor and artist(s), texture artists, shader writer(s), paint artist(s), etc. are eligible in this category. Overall project supervisors and/or producers are specifically not eligible.