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VES Luminary Interviews

Watch and enjoy our insightful Luminaries Video Series, featuring some of the biggest names in visual effects — VFX legends, luminaries and VES award winners from around the globe. Let their VFX stories engage and inspire you to carry forth and create.

Roger Corman

Harrison Ellenshaw, VES

John Dykstra

Get a front row seat with acclaimed visual effects pioneer John Dykstra, ASC, Academy Award winner for Star Wars and Spider-Man 2, and recipient of the VES Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ask a Luminary

Gather round the VFX Luminaries Virtual Roundtable, where we ask top VFX professionals to share perspective on industry trends and hot topics. In this featured video, a variety of luminaries provide their advice to aspiring VFX artists and the next generation of practitioners.

Speaker Series

Enjoy our VFX Speaker Series, bringing you a growing collection of panel discussions, Q&As and insightful conversations from live events with our industry’s best and brightest talent.

Magic Time: My Life in Hollywood – Hawk Koch with Sid Ganis

Behind the scenes stories from those who created the original Star Wars trilogy

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