The VES is a non-profit professional, honorary society, dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences, and applications of visual effects and to improving the welfare of its members by providing professional enrichment and education, fostering community, and promoting industry recognition.

The VES represents the full breadth of visual effects practitioners including artists, technologists, model makers, educators, studio executives, supervisors, PR/marketing specialists and producers. VES’ almost 3,000 members in 32 countries worldwide contribute to all areas of entertainment – film, television, commercials, animation, music videos, games and new media.  

The VES hosts a diverse roster of educational programs, from practical skills-building workshops and career/business development forums to presentations by industry experts and cutting-edge new technology demos. It also hosts galvanizing annual events including the VES Summit and prestigious VES Awards.  Members also enjoy special access to exclusive film screenings, panel discussion and social/networking events.  

To become a member of the Visual Effects Society you must first meet the following criteria:

Active Membership – An Active Member is a member who has been actively engaged in the production or creation of Visual Effects for not less than five (5) years, within the last ten (10) years preceding application for membership. If the applicant seeks Active Membership, two (2) Active Members in good standing must endorse this application.

Associate Membership – An Associate Member is a member whose professional activities have involved a close relationship with, and exceptional achievements in, the field of Visual Effects for not less than five (5) years. If the applicant seeks Associate Membership, two (2) Members in good standing, who are either Associate or Active, must endorse this application.

If you meet these requirements and would like to fill out an application, simply roll over the ‘Membership’ tab and click on ‘Membership Application’ from the dropdown menu. Complete the online application, and pay the required application fee (US $300 for Spring, and US $200 for the Fall). *Every new applicant must complete the Visual Effects Work History form and submit letters of endorsement from two (2) current VES members.

Join our social media community – Follow us on Twitter at @VFXSociety, join the VES LinkedIn group, ‘Like’ the VES Facebook page or subscribe our YouTube channel. The VES regularly hosts or co-sponsors events that are open to the general public – keep checking the Website for updates on our calendar.  And non-members welcome to volunteer to help with our events if you’re located in a VES Section (San Francisco Bay Area, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, London, Sydney, Australia or Wellington, New Zealand) or in Los Angeles.

Returning VES members will need to re-apply, and pay the required application fee (US $300 for Spring, and US $200 for the Fall). Returning members only need to upload a current resume (as opposed to the exhaustive work history), and click on ‘I am a returning member’ in order to avoid needing to secure new letters of endorsement. The VES Membership Committee does not scrutinize returning members’ applications as if they were new applicants because they’ve already applied once and been accepted.

To change your password:

  1. Go to your profile page clicking on your name at the top center of most pages (to the right of Welcome).
  2. Click on the Edit My Profile button.
  3. There it is! You can also change your username and upload a picture on that same page.  You'll find a number of other options to customize your page and notifications there and below the other sub-tabs.

Once you're logged in, go to your profile page. This can be reached either by clicking on your username next to the logout button, or by going to My Profile under the Members tab.

The second tab at the top of your Profile is labeled 'Edit'. Click that and you'll be taken to your Account edit page where you can manage the basics of your account. There are also four other tabs to edit other information. Editable options are:

  • Account - Change your username, email address and password. Upload or change your profile picture. Create a signature for comments you leave. Set up frequency of email updates, your timezone and if you want email notification of private messages.
  • Bio - Enter a bio or resume that you'd like to share with other website members. This will show up on your profile page.
  • Links - This is reallly a freeform space that shows up on your profile page. Recommended use here is to include links to personal webpages, your facebook page, twitter, or any other personal sites you'd like to share with the website members. This will be visible to members on your profile page.
  • Personal Information - Other than your work title and country, this information is not shared with anyone on the website. It is a convenient way for you to update your contact information for the VES. Information includes your address, phone number and an alternate shipping address for screeners or other items. You can also designate if you would be interested in Blu-Ray disc screeners when available. Your work title and country show up on your profile page, on the membership directory (for logged in members) and potentially a few other places on the website.
  • VES Information - This is another freeform field that shows up on your profile and on the member directory page for logged in members. If you are involved with the VES as a board member, committee member, a Section board member or any other role you'd like people to be aware of, it should be noted here. If you are a member of the Board of Directors of the VES, this information willl show up on the Board Bios page.

You can login with your username or email address. Note: this is a different username and password than the old VES website used.

If you don't remember your password click on the 'request new password' link under the login button. It will ask for your email address and send you a new password. If it doesn't recognize your email address, please contact the VES office to update the email address on file.

Once you're logged in, you can go to your Profile page ( and click the Edit tab. You'll be able to set your password and change your username and email address if you want.

To change the VES section you are assigned to Login to the VES website, and follow the procedure for updating your profile page. Update your address on the Private Information page which is visible only to you and VES staff. *VES office will be automatically notified when you make any changes.