VES Summit 2012 Roundtables

Continental Breakfast Round Tables 8:30-10:00am

As the Breakfast Round Tables were such a big hit last year, these discussions will again jump start the morning at this year's Summit. This aspect of the Summit will be for those attendees who want to discuss and share information on a particular subject with their fellow attendees over breakfast. Each table will have a moderator who is an expert in their topic. You will have a chance to sit in on two tables as everyone can switch tables mid way. The objective is for everyone to join in on the discussion, glean new information and suggest possible solutions. A time for attendees to do the talking.


Please sign up for a particular topic when you register.

Breakfast Round Table Topics

Animation Trending

Moderated by: Jim Morris
General Manager and Executive Vice President of Production, Pixar Animation Studios


The Challenges of 3D Stereo Capture

Moderated by: Buzz Hays
Former Senior Vice President of 3D Production, Sony Corporation


Coordinating VFX with the Final Post

Moderated by: Stephanie Allen & Stephanie Ito
Stephanie Allen - Senior Vice President, Visual Effects, Paramount Pictures
Stephanie Ito - Executive Vice President, Post Production, Paramount Pictures


2D to 3D Conversion

Moderated by: Chris Del Conte
Managing Director, Prime Focus, Los Angeles


Working with Tax Incentives

Moderated by: Ruth Hauer & Mary Ann Hughes
Mary Ann Hughes - Vice President, Film Production Planning, The Walt Disney Company
Ruth Hauer - VFX Production Executive, The Walt Disney Company


4K - Are You Ready?

Moderated by: David Stump, ASC


Kickstarter: Raising Funds Online for Your Project

Moderated by: Corey Rosen
Head of Creative Marketing, Tippett Studios
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Open Source Development/Trends

Moderated by: Rob Bredow
Chief Technology Officer, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Visual Effects Supervisor


Staff Retention and Company Culture

Moderated by: Gaston Bitar
Senior Vice President, People & Organization, Sony Pictures Entertainment


Setting Up Shop Internationally

Moderated by: Erika W. Burton
Co- President, Film Division- Rhythm & Hues Studios


Virtual Studio

Moderated By: David Morin
Consultant, Autodesk / Chair, Joint Technology Committee on Virtual Production


The Remote Artist: The Challenges of Virtual Production

Moderated By: Robin Alan Linn
Artist Manager / Recruiting & Academic Relations


Fair Use of images

Moderated By: Stan Szymanski
Owner/Resource Strategist, StanleyVision, Inc.


By Intelligent Design: Maximizing the Dynamic Range of the Production Designer and Visual Effects Supervisor from Pitch to Post. (Read Full Description)
Moderated By: Thomas A. Walsh
Production Designer & President, Art Directors Guild (Local 800)


Cloud Computing

Moderated By: Vincent Brisebois
Fusion-io Director of Visual Computing




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