Year end mega party (Montreal)
Event - Fall Recruitment Cocktail Party (Montreal)
Screening - ROBOCOP (Montreal)
Screening - THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG in 3D (Montreal)
Screening - ENDER'S GAME w/ Q&A (Montreal)
Screening - ALL IS LOST (Montreal)
Screening - CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (Montreal)
Screening - RUSH (Montreal)
Screening - THE WOLVERINE in 3D (Montreal)
Screening - PACIFIC RIM in 3D w/ Q&A (Montreal)
Screening - THE LONE RANGER (Montreal)
Screening - WORLD WAR Z in 3D (Montreal)
Screening - WHITE HOUSE DOWN (Montreal)
Screening - MAN OF STEEL in 3D w/ Q&A (Montreal)
Screening - MONSTERS UNIVERSITY w/ Q&A (Montreal)
Screening - AFTER EARTH (Montreal)
Screening - FAST & FURIOUS 6 (Montreal)
Screening - STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS in 3D w/ Q&A (Montreal)
Screening - OBLIVION w/ Q&A (Montreal)
Screening - OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL in 3D w/ Q&A (Montreal)