Spent 11 years at Autodesk Media & Entertainment as product specialist for 3dsmax and product designer on Toxik (now Composite). Worked with most studios (architecture, games and film) troubleshooting pipelines and optimizing workflows. Was a key member of the stereoscopic advisory board at Autodesk, helped put together innovative S3D conversion pipelines with major studio clients. Have done over 20 television and radio/podcast appearances including live comments for the Oscars (visual effect categories) on national TV. Designed  lounge/nightclubs and worked as VFX artist and supervisor with 4 time Academy Award nominee Director David Lynch. Currently accelerating pipelines with The Woz as Entertainment Strategic Alliances Solutions Architect at Fusion-io.

Vincent Brisebois
Director of Visual Computing
United States
Role with the VES:

Member of the Technology Committee