Society Groups

The VES is a community, and the Society Groups are where the community meets. If you are a member of the VES and logged in to the site, you have access to dozens of groups where you can meet other members, help direct the Society and discuss issues of importance to you.

Each group has a forum, news postings, a calendar, and support for uploading and sharing files and images. Members can join groups, or create their own special interest groups.

Groups come in three flavors:

  • Board of Directors - There is a group for each of the committees of the Board and a group for the Board of Directors.
  • Sections - Each geographic Section of the VES has it's own group.
  • Special Interest Groups - Created by the members, these groups support whatever specific interest the members have.

See all the groups here, or an overview of the groups you are a member of here.


Please tell me how be a

AFB Mohammed's picture
Please tell me how be a member of Anny of your Groups I really want to becouse I want learn more about Visual Effects and also help help grow the society in my country Ghana the west Africa

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