Site Upgrade 5/22/09

A raft of new features, plus bare bones design.

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Design change:

Why is the site suddenly so... umm... ugly? I got rid of the default design and replaced it with a bare minimum set. This will probably be the framework that the new design is built on, and it allows me to create some custom pages that only work on a 'per-theme' basis. For example, the 'image embed code' page currently only works with this theme.


  • Search

    There is now a search box on the top of the left column. If you're logged in there is also an advanced search option that will come up after your search so you can narrow it down more.

  • Calendar

    There is now a calendar for the site. There is a menu item that will take you to the calendar page, plus an 'Upcoming' block in the right column that shows upcoming events.

  • Images

    I changed the way images are uploaded to the site. You can no longer upload from the text editor when creating a post, you need to upload images separately first. This allows us to organize the images more easily and have sortable/searchable gallery pages. If you want to embed an image in a post, upload the image first. You'll see an 'embed code' link on the image page that will take you to another page that has code for you to copy for your post. Drop a copy of that code into your post.

  • Right Column

    The new right column includes a list of active forum topics and a list of upcoming events.

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