Major upgrade today

Today we added some significant new features to the visualeffectssociety site.

  1. Notifications and Subscriptions

    Members can now subscribe to content and get email notifications when new content has been posted or comments have been made. You can subscribe to Groups you belong to, or to individual threads. You will see links at the bottom of various pages to subscribe, or you can manage your subscriptions from your account page.

    You have the option to have notifications sent immediately, hourly, daily or weekly. For anything other than hourly, all pending messages will be compiled into a single email. Default is hourly.
  2. File uploading

    Files can be uploaded to groups. Each file is it's own posting. Soon to be added will be a directory so you can see all the files associated with your groups.

  3. Image uploading

    Same as files, but for pictures!

  4. Menu modifications

    Some moving around of menu items to make navigation a bit easier.




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Really good!

 Jeffrey A. Okun

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