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I would like to get some advice on getting events going for North East VES members. I believe there are 51 active members in the tri-state area, and more in MA and PA.

What I want to do is:

- find out how I get a list of those members and their emails.

- find out if the VES contributes to hosting events outside of the west coast and if so what form would that take - screenings, event spaces, guest speakers, catering etc.. or do we need to raise funding to cover these things?

I'm sure once we kick off and get events going, that others will be inspired to initiate events of their own.

Any advice you could give me to help get us started would be great.

Thanks in advance,

Sarah Dowland





NorthEast VES section inquiry

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Hello Sarah.

I stumbled upon your post in this Awards Committee group and I don't know if anyone has replied to you or not.  If not then I can advise you to send your message to the membership committee.  At the members meeting in September this year, there was much talk of VES members from around the world wanting to sectionalize, so to speak.  The spokespersons for the membership committee were very enthusiastic about getting in touch with whomever had such questions.  If you cannot find a forum here for the membership committee, then I suggest you simply contact the VES office directly, and they can put you in contact with the right people.


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