THE VES HANDBOOK OF VISUAL EFFECTS Is Now Available As An E-Book For Your Kindle

"THE VES HANDBOOK OF VISUAL EFFECTS, now nominated for a PROSE Award, is the most complete repository for visual effects techniques and best practices available."

Click here to purchase your digital copy now!


No longer available?

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I too cannot find this book in digital form. Please tell me it's still available electronically....

Not actually available for Kindle?

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The posted link doesn't work, and this is nowhere to be found for Kindle on the site. Was the electronic edition cancelled?

Link does not work

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I get the following when I click on the above link.

Looking for something?
We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site

I tried using the Kindle store, too, and that did not work. Has the handbook been pulled from the Kindle store?

URL of handbook on Amazon

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In the meantime enjoy Amazon's link to the physical book: It probably looks better in print anyway. Enjoy! Jason

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