Location-Based Game Immerses San Francisco in Hell during GDC 2011

"Ogmento, a geo-social augmented reality gaming company, is adding a city-specific layer to its popular location-based game, Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary. Players in San Francisco will be able to participate in an actual good versus evil turf battle, with characters from the game recruiting players at the conference to join their side as either one of the Demonologists, or one of the Possessed.

The game integrates geo-social elements, augmented reality and user-generated content, to create a unique game setting where the player's home town, office or neighborhood becomes the front lines of a supernatural conflict. "

One assumes they don't REALLY mean an "actual" battle between good and evil.

http://wireless.ign.com/articles/115/1152365p1.html [via Brian Selzer]

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