IBM supercomputer to appear on Jeopardy.

watson"Over its three-year life, Watson stored the content of tens of millions of documents, which it now accessed to answer questions about almost anything."

Why are visual effects still being done on consumer grade hardware?

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Bladerunner revisited >3.6 gigapixels


Eyeon enters realm of supercomputing OpenCL and GPU acceleration.


eyeon Software announced today the release of a comprehensive development environment aptly named Fusion Developer®.


Toland ASC Digital Assistant for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Toland ASC Digital Assistant for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

A great on-set iPhone/iPad app, the Toland, "is an application that provides solutions to the technical concerns of cinematography in a unique multi-tasking interface. Combining a calculator and logging interface, it is designed to work with you through the process of cinematography." /via Eric Alba

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