One-Cubic-Millimeter Computer

"The new device packs a processor, memory, a pressure sensor, a solar cell, a thin-film lithium battery, and a transmitter into a tiny glass rectangle."


The Mythbusters Clarify Difference Between CPU and GPU Based Rendering

In their own particular idiom.

Why #VFX seems hesitant to embrace GPU and other cluster based technologies is beyond me.

LG Launches First Dual Core 1GHz Smartphone

"you've got both full 1080p TV-out via HDMI and video capture through an 8 megapixel primary camera"


Motion Capture Camera <$2000.00

"The S250e boasts 250 FPS capture, SVGA resolution, expansive field of view, on-board image processing, software-controlled IR filter switching, and some of the most advanced M12 lenses in the world - all housed in a compact aluminum and soft-touch polycarbonate case."



MVIX Wireless Projector Adapter

"... the WPG-120 enables four wireless users to project their presentations on the main screen at the same time."

Stop swapping cables with other visual effects supervisors during dailies or previs sessions, just stream right to the projector or LCD. Data rate right now is 1024x768 which is better than SD. How long before this capability is built INTO the projector or monitor?

GM Developing Augmented Reality Driving System

"The system’s information would be displayed right on the windshield, which would be coated with a layer of transparent phosphors."

http://gajitz.com/heads-up-gm-developing-augmented-reality-driving-system/ [via Gajitz]

Apple TV 2G teardown

Current Operating Systems May Only Make Sense Up To 48 Cores

“The MIT researchers found that the separate cores were spending so much time ratcheting the [memory] counter up and down that they weren’t getting nearly enough work done,” the report states. However, the researchers also found that “slightly rewriting the Linux code so that each core kept a local count, which was only occasionally synchronized with those of the other cores, greatly improved the system’s overall performance.”

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