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Augmented Reality – coming soon to a contact lens near you

"For a good while now, the University of Washington has been working on technology that bring the movie predictions of a bionic eye a little closer to reality"

Augmented Reality and Public Art

"The Virtual Public Art Project is an Augmented Reality platform for the public display of digital works of art. VPAP is the first mobile AR outdoor art experience ever, and maximizes public reception of AR art through compatibility with both iPhone 3GS and Android phones!

Film Uses Audience's Smart Phones To Solve Mystery

""The Witness" works like a smartphone-centered fusion of a traditional thriller and an interactive ARG: German viewers applied to participate online, and the "winners" got to enter a real-life version of the movie in which they play a role, using their phones to watch snippets of the film that play out like a v

LG Launches First Dual Core 1GHz Smartphone

"you've got both full 1080p TV-out via HDMI and video capture through an 8 megapixel primary camera"


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