Jad Abumrad on the Neuroscience of Sound, Art, and Creativity

I was lucky enough to be present during this presentation and his insights were like a mental bolt of lightening. I'm glad Jesse Thorn of The Sound of Young America could share it with us.


Shadow Passes for the Mona Lisa

"For a long time, scientists and curators have wondered how da Vinci created shadows on her face with seemingly no brushstrokes or contours. Art experts call this shadowing technique sfumato—like the Italian word for smoke, fumo."

Leonardo was perhaps the first honorary member of the Visual Effects Society.



Augmented Reality at MoMA

"On Saturday October 9th, the physical space inside the MoMA building in New York will host a virtual exhibition, based on Augmented Reality technology."




"What’s thirty-seven feet tall, has ninety-one flamethrowers, and is controlled by an Arduino? Why it’s Pyrosphere."

Video after the jump.

http://hackaday.com/2010/10/06/pyrosphere-at-burning-man-2010/ [via Hackaday]

Fine Art at over 30 Billion Pixels

"A gallery of extremely high definition pictures of the greatest treasures in the history of art."



Giant fluid dynamics sculpture made of robot-glued plastic balls

"420,000 plastic spheres, each of which appears to be about 1.5" in diameter, glued together by industrial robot arms. The subject is a simulated liquid splashing inside an imaginary 50x20x20 foot box"

http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/10/giant_fluid_dynamics_sculpture_... l[via MAKE:]


Santa Monica Glow Festival this Saturday 25, 2010

"Glow is an all-night cultural experience featuring original commissions by artists that re-imagine Santa Monica Beach as a playground for thoughtful and participatory temporary artworks."

Come see what artists are doing with realtime projection and other visual effects related technologies. 5PM, Saturday, Sept. 25 to 3AM, Sunday, Sept. 26.



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