Royal Opera Presents Carmen in Stereoscopic 3D

"A co-production of RealD and London’s Royal Opera House, CARMEN IN 3D gives viewers the best seat in the house, taking them on a
magic carpet ride into the heart of the production -
immersing them into this exciting story of love, jealousy
and betrayal."


3D games enter a new generation

"...within the next five years any firm concepts of what constitutes a computer game will require radical revision"

http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/sep/19/3d-games-xbox-playstation [via @chialynn]

3D Stereo Interior Design with Augemented Reality Overlay

3DS+AR"The digital environments [...] take on the potential of augmented reality to both shape our household experiences in positive ways and commercialize the last bastions of privacy – our very walls, furniture, furnishings and fixtures."

http://dornob.com/3d-interior-design-meets-futuristic-mediated-reality-v... [via Dornob]

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