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Alex Proyas to Direct Stereo 3D Adaptation of Paradise Lost

dore" While Milton’s poem has withstood the test of time, a common complaint from critics is the distinct lack of aerial warfare."

Satan. In stereoscopic. [via Roger Ebert]

3D Stereo Interior Design with Augemented Reality Overlay

3DS+AR"The digital environments [...] take on the potential of augmented reality to both shape our household experiences in positive ways and commercialize the last bastions of privacy – our very walls, furniture, furnishings and fixtures." [via Dornob]

The Future of Screen Technology

3D Light Painting Made Using an iPad

Blade Runner: Hades Landscape

"In the first of a three part series, Doug talks about the creation of various effects sequences completed for Blade Runner. In this video, he focuses on creating the opening sequence referred to as the "Hades Landscape"

Click on the link below to watch the video. [Thanks, Phil]


Render Power in the Data Center


"The bottom line is that Dell's R815 can replace two HP DL380 G7s at a much lower investment cost, with about the same energy costs and lower management costs. Having to manage half as much physical servers should after all also lower the operation costs. Dell's PowerEdge R815 materializes AMD's promise of the "Value 4P server"."

Life Magazine Publishes Never Before Seen Pictures of Lascaux

"In 1947, LIFE's Ralph Morse went to Lascaux, and became the first photographer to ever document the astonishing, vibrant paintings. Here, on the 70th anniversary of the discovery of the cave and its treasures, in a gallery featuring rare and never-published photographs, Morse -- still vibrant himself at 93 -- shares with his memories of what it was like to encounter the long-hidden, strikingly lifelike handiwork of a vanished people: the Cro-Magnon."

IBM supercomputer to appear on Jeopardy.

watson"Over its three-year life, Watson stored the content of tens of millions of documents, which it now accessed to answer questions about almost anything."

Why are visual effects still being done on consumer grade hardware?

Direct link to video.

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