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Location-Based Game Immerses San Francisco in Hell during GDC 2011

"Ogmento, a geo-social augmented reality gaming company, is adding a city-specific layer to its popular location-based game, Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary. Players in San Francisco will be able to participate in an actual good versus evil turf battle, with characters from the game recruiting players at the conference to join their side as either one of the Demonologists, or one of the Possessed.

One-Cubic-Millimeter Computer

"The new device packs a processor, memory, a pressure sensor, a solar cell, a thin-film lithium battery, and a transmitter into a tiny glass rectangle."

Royal Opera Presents Carmen in Stereoscopic 3D

"A co-production of RealD and London’s Royal Opera House, CARMEN IN 3D gives viewers the best seat in the house, taking them on a
magic carpet ride into the heart of the production -
immersing them into this exciting story of love, jealousy
and betrayal."

Ridley Scott's Attempt at Crowdsourcing Blade Runner in a Read-Write Participatory Culture

"In an indication that the filmmakers are interested in exploring a new kind of collective, social creativity, the episodes in the series will be released under a Creative Commons license, marking the first time a major Hollywood director has embraced that alternative licensing scheme.

The Mythbusters Clarify Difference Between CPU and GPU Based Rendering

In their own particular idiom.

Why #VFX seems hesitant to embrace GPU and other cluster based technologies is beyond me.

Richard Edlund to launch duMonde VFX in New Orleans

"A key impetus for situating the facility in Louisiana is the state's rebate program. As Edlund explains, "If a production opens a company in Louisiana and pays us through that, once they reach $300,000, they get 30% back." [via @alba]

Linux Based DaVinci Resolve Used to Color Grade "The Fighter."

"DaVinci Resolve on Linux eliminates this performance barrier because it’s based on a cluster of computers with high performance GPU cards, so all processing is always real time."


Inception, The Pacific and How to Train Your Dragon win big at VES Awards 2011

Inception Takes Home Awards in all Four Nominated Categories as the
Night’s Most Honored Project.
How to Train Your Dragon and “The Pacific” Both Take Home
Three Awards.

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