GPU Technology Conference

"The arrival of fully programable GPUs is now changing the visual effects industry, which traditionally relied on CPU computation to create their spectacular imagery. Implementing the complex image processing algorithms used by VFX is a challenge, but the payoffs in terms of interactivity and throughput can be enormous."


Maker Faire New York

"The first Maker Faire on the East Coast open Saturday at 10am on the grounds of the New York Hall of Science in Queens, the site of the 1964 World's Fair .  A celebration of the DIY mindset and creativity, Maker Faire brings together engineers, artists, crafters, tinkerers and scientists."

67 Terabytes for $7,867


"At Backblaze, we provide unlimited storage to our customers for only $5 per month, so we had to figure out how to store hundreds of petabytes of customer data in a reliable, scalable way—and keep our costs low. After looking at several overpriced commercial solutions, we decided to build our own custom Backblaze Storage Pods: 67 terabyte 4U servers for $7,867."

Come See Albert Whitlock's Work on The Birds

Double Feature of The Birds and Marnie, Sunday Sept. 18th, at the Aero in Santa Monica. [via @SidGrauman]

3D games enter a new generation

"...within the next five years any firm concepts of what constitutes a computer game will require radical revision" [via @chialynn]

Thin Film Turns Any Surface Into a Touchscreen

"Displax, a Portugal-based company, promises to turn any surface — flat or curved — into a touch-sensitive display. The company is offering a thinner-than-paper polymer film that can be stuck on glass, plastic or wood to turn it into an interactive input device." [via Wired]

Autodesk Releases Sketchbook Pro for iPad

sketch"Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro painting and drawing software, offering best-in-class sketching tools for professional designers and artists from all industries." [via Macrumors]

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