Augmented Reality at MoMA

"On Saturday October 9th, the physical space inside the MoMA building in New York will host a virtual exhibition, based on Augmented Reality technology."


Festival of Independent Game Developers This Weekend in Culver City.

"Welcome to the International Festival of Independent Games! This year's edition takes place October 8-10, 2010, and will take over galleries, cafes, and theatres across Downtown Culver City in a celebration of independent games from around the world."

The VES salutes its members in the video game industry!

52 Canon DSLR Cameras Used for Matrix-Style Surfing Shots

"Surf wear maker Rip Curl recently teamed up with Timeslice Films for an ambitious project of shooting surfers in “bullet-time“"

Video after the jump. [via PetaPixel]



"What’s thirty-seven feet tall, has ninety-one flamethrowers, and is controlled by an Arduino? Why it’s Pyrosphere."

Video after the jump. [via Hackaday]

The Society for Collaborative Investigation into Futuristic Inventions

"The Society for Collaborative Investigation into Futuristic Inventions, with the support of Lockheed Martin, aims to reach into the imaginative realm of science fiction and pluck inspiration from the vast selection of futuristic technology found there. With fruit in hand, we look to create the world of tomorrow, today, by breathing life into these gizmos; taking them out of your imagination and placing them into your hand."

Fine Art at over 30 Billion Pixels

"A gallery of extremely high definition pictures of the greatest treasures in the history of art."


GM Developing Augmented Reality Driving System

"The system’s information would be displayed right on the windshield, which would be coated with a layer of transparent phosphors." [via Gajitz]

Giant fluid dynamics sculpture made of robot-glued plastic balls

"420,000 plastic spheres, each of which appears to be about 1.5" in diameter, glued together by industrial robot arms. The subject is a simulated liquid splashing inside an imaginary 50x20x20 foot box" l[via MAKE:]

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