Virtual Reality: Test Drive a Real Car Without Leaving Home


" Drivers will be controlling an actual vehicle that’s on a test course in Southern California. It’s not simply a car attached to a fixed track with a camera in it: it’s a real car that virtual drivers really control, and in real time."

Although this stretches the limits of the definition of "virtual reality," there could be vfx motion control applications of this technology.


Follow the #PS2010 hashtag at the VES Production Summit today.

Just a reminder to use the Twitter hashtag #PS2010 for all tweets concerning today's VES Production Summit.

East Bay Mini Maker Faire this weekend

"For everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, don't forget about the East Bay Mini Maker Faire going on this Sunday, October 24, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Park Day School Campus in Oakland."

MVIX Wireless Projector Adapter

"... the WPG-120 enables four wireless users to project their presentations on the main screen at the same time."

Stop swapping cables with other visual effects supervisors during dailies or previs sessions, just stream right to the projector or LCD. Data rate right now is 1024x768 which is better than SD. How long before this capability is built INTO the projector or monitor?

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 40 Hosts Introductory Meeting for VFX Artists




Several sources have reported that IBEW Local 40 hosted an exploratory meeting with Visual Effects artists for possible union representation.


Benoit Mandelbrot, Mathematician, Dies at 85


Imaging Without Boundaries conference at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana

"The Strategic Initiative on Imaging is dedicated to bringing together ideas, modalities, and people in imaging to foster the interdisciplinary discovery of fundamental principles in imaging science, new enabling technologies for the next generation of imaging instruments, and novel techniques for basic and translational research." [via Paul Debevec]


Behind the Scenes: The Abyss Part 1

The Real Story Behind WB's Decision to Drop Harry Potter's 3D

"Apparently there were multiple, major problems that just started to stack up as the months went by, and the execs at Warner Bros were faced with a tough decision." [via Eric Alba]

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