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The policies and procedures of the VES allow for the creation of local Sections for the purpose of fullfilling the Society's mission and serving its global membership. Sections of the Society may be authorized in any locality where the number of Active members exceeds fifty. The geographic boundaries of each Section shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Upon written petition for the authorization of a Section of the Society, signed by fifty or more Active members, the Board of Directors may grant such authorization.

Current VES Sections and Section officers are:


James Whitlam - Co-Chair
Jason Bath - Co-Chair
Felix Crawshaw - Treasuer/Secretary

Danielle Conroy (Melbourne representative)
Ian Cope (Adelaide representative)
Xavier Desdoigts
James Rogers
Steve Shearston
Noah Vice
Guido Wolter

Bay Area

Stewart Lew - Chair
Brice Parker - Treasurer/Secretary

Don Bies
Michael Conte
Lisa Cooke
Willi Geiger
Tom Kennedy
C. Andrew Nelson
Jon Peters
Aaron Rhodes
Lance Thornton
Barbara Townsend


Drew Jones - Chair
Helen Moody - Secretary
Nicola Instone - Treasurer/Sponsorship & Benefits
Nina Fallon - Treasurer/Sponsorship & Benefits


Hitesh Bharadia - Technical Representative
Ean Carr - Events
Paul Chapman
Martin Ciastko - Communications
Gavin Graham -
Technical Representative
Jason Halverson - Events
Brooke Lyndon-Stanford - Events
Ronald Siy -


Frank D'Iorio - Chair
Nicolas Alexandre Noel - Co-Chair
Christian Beauchesne - Treasurer
Jacque Levesque - Secretary

David Bitton
Reine Bourgeault
Lee Brunet
Sébastien Dostie
Thomas Halle
Ara Khanikian
Sylvain Plourde
Anthony Santoro
Jean-Francois "Jafaz" Ferland

New York

Dan Schrecker - Chair
Andrew Bly - Secretary / Treasurer

Oba Amezianne-Hassani
Vincent Baertsoen
Jake Braver
Leslie Chung
Rebecca Dunn
Aaron Lawn


New Zealand

Matt Aitken - Chair
Sandy Taylor - Secretary / Treasurer

Charles Armstrong
Emma Clifton
David Gouge
Lance Lones
Helen Paul
Frank Rueter
Eva Snyder
Cameron Smith


Kim Davidson - Chair
Lara Osland - Co-Secretary/Treasurer
Christa Tazzeo Morson - Co-Secretary/Treasurer

Craig Calvert
Eric Doiron
Andres Kirejew
Eric Robinson
Gary Thomas
David Whiteson


Warren Franklin - Chair
Ria Benard - Secretary
Marta Mintenko - Treasurer

Mark Benard - Education and Technology
Alan Chuck - Benefits Committee
Dennis Hoffman - Main VES Board Liaison
Mat Krentz - Sponsorship
Wendy Lanning - Screenings
Dawn MacLeod - Screenings
James Tichenor - Membership Committee
Chris van Dyck - Social Organizer


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